A night at the opera

I’ve never been a fan of opera music and I have never had any desire to go to an opera either. So why, you might ask, did we go to the opera ?

Well, this wasn’t an opera that was like any back home. It was a combination of things and I’m not really sure what you would describe the whole show as.

We had read various reviews about this show and pretty much all of them were quite good. It’s a show that’s designed for tourists and the main part of it is the face changing part. The performers don’t actually change their faces but they do have face masks that they can change without you really seeing them doing it.

The masks are changed while they are doing a dance routine and they can do several changes within a few seconds. This part is similar to what an illousinst or a magician might do – the face changing part of the show lasts for maybe about 10 – 15 minutes and it’s the final part of the show.

At some points, the performers come off the stage and into the crowd and shake hands with some of the audience, I don’t know if this means anything, perhaps it’s meant to bring good luck ? I’m going to put on a lottery ticket just to find out if it does.

The rest of the show pretty much has what you’d expect from a stage show with some pretty spectacular looking costumes, some light and laser shows along with some dancing and singing.

Added to that, there’s some acrobatic routines, a guy doing a dance routine while he has a steel container of burning oil balanced on his head and some fire breathing thrown in for good measure.


As I’ve said at the start, it wasn’t an opera. Even after being to the show, I’m not 100% sure what it is but we enjoye it and we had to go after I had my hair done during the day for it.

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