A trip to the barbers


Everyone knows that if you are going to the opera, you have to look your best. Since about a week after arriving in China, I have needed a haircut.

So, on the day of the opera, it was time to venture into the unknown. Getting a hair cut isn’t a particularly unknown type of experience but getting a hair cut when you can’t speak the language is a touch more difficult.

This task wasn’t helped by the travel blog that I read from a guy who said after his first haircut in China, he was known as Lt. Dan (the character from ‘Forest Gump’).

I had been putting it off for a wee while but since it was growing over my ears, it really was time to take the plunge and get my mane tamed.

First of all, we only have a few more days left in Chengdu and to get to our next destination, we have to take a 10 hour bus journey so we went to get the tickets from the bus station.

By some weird twist of fate, I noticed a barbers shop opposite the bus station so off I went.

To begin with, I showed an old and short haired picture of myself and pretty much pointed to it to indicate that I wanted to look like that again then I hoped for the best.

Before I was getting any hair cut though, I had a wash and even had conditioner applied – that’s a first time for me at a barbers shop.

I even got some kind of head massage but I still can’t work out if it was good or painful but it never lasted too long so maybe it wasn’t too bad.

I got scared one day at a barbers in Falkirk when they offered me a cup of tea as I thought that would mean two things. 1 – i’d be there for ages and 2 – it would cost me a fortune.

It wasn’t till later on that I gathered the hair wash was done to get rid of the hair wax that I had in – I don’t know if they realised that I had wax in or if they just thought that my hair was filthy.

As I’ve mentioned before, I can’t speak the language so I just had to try and not look ashamed as that might have confirmed their belief that I was a manky git ! ! !

The hair cut itself went without any issues and the total cost was approx £3 so it’s cheaper than back home and you get more for you money.

And, my hair had a nice coconut smell to it for the rest of the day – an added bonus.

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