Aidao Nunnery

We were lost after leaving the Wenshu monstery. Well, we were actually lost before leaving it as we couldn't find the way that we first came into the monastery.

As luck would have it, we found another exit and after walking down one or two streets, found the Aidao nunnery. It was smaller than the monastery but like the monastery, they didn't charge a fee to get in.


When we went in, we could here some music / singing in the distance.

But before the music, we saw a massive amount of candles being laid out on a large table. Near that was another table which had various offerings such as rows of candles, something that looked like walnuts, rows of dishes with rice which had seashells on top of them.

As we took a wander round the grounds, we realised that the music was coming from inside the grounds. The main hall within the grounds had some sort of religious ceremony taking place and there were rows of nuns chanting their prayers while one was striking a drum.

As time went on, the drum appeared to be getting more frequent and the chanting was getting louder. Like the guy in the last place who was playing the pipa, I think this is something that we're not very likely to see or hear again.

So despite knowing almost nothing about the ceremony or religion that these people were part of, we stood outside to listen to the hypnotic sounds before walking on to see the rest of the grounds.

As this place was quite a bit smaller, it was easier to find our way back out.

It turns out that you can go and get a vegan lunch to eat with the nuns at 1130am each day, I'd say for a pair of lazy backpackers that would be more like a breakfast but if we can, that's something that we are hoping to fit in over the next few days while we're in Chengdu.

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