Almost homeless

After the long bus journey, we needed somewhere to stay for the 5 nights that we were spending in the national park area.

I’m pretty sure that anyone reading this will have worked out how to arrange accommodation at some point – we thought that we had this worked out as well.

However, the hostel that we booked into decided that the old fashioned method of booking somewhere, paying a deposit and going there wasn’t a way that they fancied working anymore.

We booked the accommodation, paid a deposit 6 days before we were due to arrive and the night before the bus journey, the hostel that we booked into sent a 1 line email to say the price was incorrect and the booking was cancelled.

I emailed them back to find out why it was incorrect but they didn’t reply so with just a few hours to spare, we had nowhere to stay. Just like the few days before leaving for China, we were technically homeless.

We did get revenge though and left them with a 1 star (terrible) rating on trip advisor ! ! ! And if anyone reading this is planning to go there, the name of the place is the Zhuoma hostel.

The national park area doesn’t look like many English speaking people have been there as finding information about it online was very difficult.

This made finding somewhere to stay pretty difficult too. There were lots of decent priced rooms available but trying to find out if they 1 or 15 miles away from the national park entrance proved impossible.

After trawling through various hostels and hotels that we knew were near the park, all of which were pretty expensive, we found a few that were all round about the same price and that were all pretty close to the park entrance.

With hindsight, we could have easily got off the bus and just walked into the main town and walked into anyone of the large number of hostels / hotels and booked a room. That was all great information to know about after we had already booked into and paid for somewhere else.

Unfortunately for us, the one that we chose was a place that we later re-named as “Frosty towers” I got that name from ‘Still game’.


The building had no heating in it – at all. The rooms were cold but had electric blankets on the beds. That was ok if you were going to be in bed so to avoid being cold, you had to put the blanket on and go into bed.

The hotel had a washing machine that you could use but only if you bought your own washing powder.

The bathroom was quite big so had plenty of space to hang up the washed clothes. The low temperature and lack of extractor fan meant that drying any clothes was pretty close to impossible.

Some of the reviews on trip advisor said that the hotel did some very nice food. Not when we went, come to think of it, they didn’t do any food at all – apart from breakfast. You had to pay for breakfast though, that wasn’t included in the room rate.

The electric blankets that I mentioned earlier were good some of the time. Each day, at least once, the power would go off. Sometimes, it was for a few minutes, sometimes, it was an hour or so.

Apart from the Best western hotel that we stayed at in Xi’an, this was the most expensive accommodation that we have stayed in and it was the worst one so when people say “you get what you pay for”, don’t believe a word of it.

The plus point was that the staff did speak English and the hotel was pretty close to the national park entrance, that was the reason that we were in the area. Later, we also discovered a great Tibetan restaurant which was called Abu Lu Zi – that was the best thing about the area.

Tibet is difficult and pretty expensive to get to so it was nice to get to an insight to what their food is like. The area, at one point, was part of Tibet but I was unable to find out how long ago or why it is no longer part of Tibet now.

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