BBQ at Wada hostel

After our long day of walking on the first full day in Guilin, we decided to have a lazy day on the Friday and prepare ourselves for the “all you can eat bbq” that the wada hostel put on.

At some point during the bbq, I made an executive decision to rename it, it’s now called a “more than you could ever possibly eat” bbq.

This started at about 7pm so we made sure that we didn’t have too much on during the day. Initially, we had planned to hire bikes and spend some time cycling in Guilin but the city was quite busy and, after a month in China, we have no ideas how the roads work.

When the lights come on for pedestrians to cross, some vehicles also seem to be allowed to go as well. People on mopeds, scooters, tuk tuks and anything else small enough to fit use the pedestrian crossings as well.

Crossing the road can be quite a tough thing to do and we didn’t fancy trying to cycle in amongst all that. At least when on foot, you can run away and go back to the pavement when it all gets too much – you can’t really do that if you were cycling.

So, although that’s a bit of a long drawn out story, it’s why we abondoned our plans to go out on the bikes.

Instead, we went out and had another walk around the city, to nowhere in particular but we found somewhere for lunch and found out where the night market was and made a note so that we could go back. Ideally, at night.

Otherwise, we were happy to spend some time catching up with emails and football while we waited for the bbq.

The bbq was relentless. There were about 10 of us round a large table in the bar area of the hostel which was nice. After a while, it’s quite nice to be able to speak to other English speaking people, although, it’s usually the same conversation.

Where have you been ? Where are you going ? How long have you been in China and then people compare different experiences but you can get some good info on places that you might be planning to visit and some ideas on other places that you hadn’t really thought about yet.

After the first round of food, I thought that we were doing quite well and then the staff appeared with more stuff to eat. It was mainly different skwered meats, similar to what a lot of the street vendors sell. As were often unsure on what the meats are, the new collective name I have given it is “stuff on sticks”.

For £5 each, we made sure that we did the bbq justice but after a while, we had to admit defeat which was a shame. I felt like I’d failed. But on the other hand, I felt like I’d put on about a stone in weight during the bbq and was starting to worry that my clothes would no longer fit me so giving up was the safest thing to do.

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