The grand ol’ Duke of York

One day, I’m not sure when, the grand ol’ Duke of York (who had lots of men) decided that he should march then up to the top of a hill and march them back down again.

By our second day cycling in Yanghsuo, I thought our hostel owner (Chris) had turned into the grand ol’ Duke.

I mentioned that there was a walk up the TV tower that we done after our first days cycling. The walk was pretty tiring as you followed some small and narrow stone steps to get to the top. Most of the walk up has no barriers or safety net so if you were to go over the edge, you’d have some distance to the bottom.

A comedian, Steve Hughes, commented that he remembers before health and safety laws, common sense was used instead. The Chinese don’t have health and safety so we had to be careful going up this hill.

At the top of the TV tower, there was, you’ll never guess it, a TV tower and a few smaller buildings. You could sit on top of them and get views across Yangshuo and of the River Li which goes back up towards Guilin.

With the karst mountains in the region and the lights of the city coming on, it really was a worth while walk.

We later found out that some of the area was used for part of ‘Star Wars 3’ and the ‘Avatar’ movies.

On the second day, we went another bike run and we were taken to a place called ‘Moon hill’. The reason it is named this is because the top of the hill has a large moon shaped hole in it. Unlike the TV tower, this place is a tourist attraction so you have to pay to climb it but the fee wasn’t very much.

moon hill

After climbing the hill, we read some trip advisor reviews which mentioned the old woman who were very persistent with their sales pitch and how they would often follow people up the hill trying to sell cold bottles of water or cans of coke.

These woman are fairly old looking and are from the local farms. We found them very funny as their sales pitch involved the words “water” “cold water” and speaking to us in Chinese.

Even when you showed them bottles of water that you already had, they would still offer their water again. I found it all quite funny and they seemed to be laughing about it as well.

The hill itself has 800 steps and these tiny woman (most of them were probably under 5ft in height) can walk up and down the hill all day while carrying big cooler bags full of water and juice – I think that deserves a sale.

Moon hill is smaller than the TV tower so we cycled from our hostel to there, locked up the bikes and off we went. There was another couple as well, Pete and Cath who were staying at the same hostel so the four of us budding mountaneers made the trek up.

On the way up, there wasn’t really much to see. Lots of trees and bushes and some other tired looking tourists on their way back down.

Near the top, there’s a few benches that you can get a view over the city from. The view looked similar to the TV tower one but this was day time so it was a different way of looking over the city.

The juice and water sellers were also at the top of the hill and as you sat down, two of them came over with paper fans and gave you a welcome cool down and tried again with their sales pitch.

From there, you have a few more steps up where you walk under the moon shaped hole and on to the top of the hill where you are given more spectacular views of the area that you just cycled through.

Later, I joked to the hostel owner that he was supposed to look after his guests and not kill them 🙂

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