Grilled pork and a citadel

In Beijing, we went to the forbidden city and the citadel in Hue is a similar thing. To look at, it’s different but the idea is the same.

Both were the ancient fortress of the cities that they are located in.

Hue was badly affected by the US during the war in Vietnam. The citadel was no different, that suffered badly too so part of the area is currently being refurbished.

You pay to get in and on the back of the ticket, there is a small map to give an idea of what there is to see and what the highlights are.

hue citadel

We walked round and some of the buildings have already been refurbished so they look fairly new but they do look pretty old so the builders have done a great job.

Most of the buidings have a small plaque with some information about when the building was originally built and what it’s purpose was.

There wasn’t really all that much to go with though.

Maybe because we have saw a lot of ancient cities and temples since the start of our trip, I didn’t find this one as interesting.

If we had booked a tour guide to take us round the place, it might have been better.

The majority of the day was spent walking round the area not really knowing what we were looking at.

Near the entrance, there was a pond with massive fish that you could feed. Since I have ate a lot of fish in my life, it only seemed fair that I bought some food to feed them.

Earlier on in the day, we were taking a wee rest from the sun and too guys, I think from the US passed by us. On one of their backs, he had an A4 sheet of paper sellotaped to him which read “grilled pork with vermicelli”. I really hope that he didn’t know about it but that and the fish were probably my highlight from this particular place.

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