Many dead bodies here

When you walk any more than a few steps in Hue, you will be approached by a cyclo driver offering a 1 hour tour of the area.

There’s no set price for these so it’s up to you to agree what you feel is reasonable.

A cyclo is a seat for two people with a bicyle behind it. The driver cycles the two people around the city and acts as a tour guide for an hour.

We were quite close to the Citadel when we accepted the services of one of these drivers. One of the first things that he pointed out was a wall with part of it missing. He said that the wall was damaged by a US bomb.

Hue is located roughly in the central region of Vietnam and saw quite a lot of damage and mayhem during the war years.

It was also, between 1802 and 1945, the capital city of Vietnam. A lot of cities in China have walls round what was the ancient city. Hue also has city walls so our driver took us round the walls.

He stopped to show us a temple and allowed us to take a photo of it. Shortly after that, there was an entrance to allow you climb up and onto the city walls where you can see over a large part of the city.

There’s also what looks like an old watch tower on this part of the walls – another great photo moment.

Further along, we were taken to a house where Ho Chi Minh once lived. There was no fee to go into the house so we went in and had a quick walk around the grounds and took a few photos.

The next stop was the Kings gardens. I don’t know what King these gardens belonged to but they had a few shops and some nice grounds to walk around.

As we went back, we found our driver in a little room watching the highlights of the Scotland v England game on TV. That was first I had saw Celtic park for a wee while so it was good to see the stadium being shown on TV so far away.

Back on the cyclo, we passed a river where some men were fishing – another photo oppourtunity. Further round the corner, there’s an outdoor museum which holds some ex US tanks and aircrafts.

tanks in hue

I wasn’t sure how old the driver was but he said that the US left a lot of tanks, aircrafts and weapons behind when they left. Some of the machines on display were seized from them, some were left behind.

The driver told us that he was small when the war was happening and when I asked him if he remembered it, he said that he did.

At that point, just after passing the tanks and aircraft, we could see the city walls to our left. Ahead of us, was a flag post with a Vietnamese flag flying from it. Opposite that was the entrance to the citadel and that was where we planned to go to the next day.

The driver pointed to the side of the road and told us that he remembers, when he was small, seeing “”many many bodies here””.

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