Uncle Ho and a bowl of Pho

As well as being the name of a city in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh was also a person. He was the leader of Vietnam and lead the country against the French.

Partly because this isn’t a history lesson and partly because I don’t yet know much about him, I haven’t gone into much detail about him.

The Vietnamese have a strong affection for the leader and he’s known as “Uncle Ho” by most of the people here. Hence the name of this blog.

In Hanoi, there is a museum dedicated to him and that’s next to the Masoleum where his body is kept and is on display. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on what way you look at it, the body wasn’t there when we were in Hanoi so we didn’t have to decide if we wanted to go and see it.

There is a museum and we did go to see that. The start of the museum starts off ok, there’s various pictures of Ho Chi Minh with various political leaders and there’s information alongside these images.

In another section of the museum, there’s more images about how Vietnam has progressed under his leadership and how the country has fared after the French and American wars.

In amongst this, there’s some items that belonged to Ho Chi Minh, things like personal notebook and pens etc.

When you go up the stairs to the next level of the museum, you are met with a massive statue of him, his right hand is slightly extended in the air. I think it’s supposed to be a pose of him waving to the people but it could also be him trying to flag down a taxi (or hail a cab if you’re from the US).

It’s round about this time that the museum turns a bit strange as the top level is more of an art museum than anything else. It doesn’t mention if he was an art lover, if he was, then I suppose this part of the museum would make more sense.

For me, a trip advisor review summed it up perfectly as the title of it was “”What just happened””. My personal thoughts of the museum is that the outside of it was better than the inside.

Outside of the museum, it’s like a small park with nice green and quiet grounds to walk around it. There’s places to grab a tea coffee or juice or whatever else you might want to drink.

To get here, it’s not a massive distance, maybe about a 30 minute walk from where we were staying in Hanoi. As we were staying in the old quarter and had already been on the walking tour, there were certain things to look out for and that made the walk a bit more interesting.

In Hanoi, shops on streets seem to sell the same thing, I think I mentioned this in another blog but if not, a row of shops may all be selling clothes on one street. The next street might sell metal things.

There isn’t really much space to walk on the pavements because there are a lot of bikes parked on it. Crossing the road is an extreme sport but I think extreme sports are less dangerous so all in, the a walk round the old quarter is quite an eventful thing to do.

In Vietnam, there’s a soup called Pho. Pho ga is with chicken and Pho bo is with beef. On our way to the museum, we had Pho ga for lunch and because Pho rhymnes with Ho, I thought I’d include it in the title of this blog.


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