Nha Trang mud spa

Nha Trang is famed for having large number of mud spas.

We also read that the place is like a Vietnamese Ibiza and that there were a large number of Russian tourists in the area.

2 of those 3 were correct, it wasn’t like Ibiza.

On the day that we arrived in Nha Trang, it was still dark but in the distance, you could see the sun coming up. That was good for us, we knew that our accommodation was on the road that runs alongside the beach so we’d get to see the sunrise while we went in search of our accommodation.

Like in Hanoi, there were already a lot of people up and about at this ungodly hour. The vast majority of them were doing excercies on the beach and a large number of them had been in for an early morning swim.

Nha Trang sunrise

We were just off a 12 hour overnight sleeper bus. There wasn’t much sleeping being done on the bus though. The seats allow you to lie down but there’s not enough space to fully stretch out.

When boarding the bus, a guy who worked there told me to go to the very back as I had big legs and it was better for me. I did just as the man said and noticed that there was a pretty narrow shelf that ran the length of the back of the bus.

If I could fit on to the shelf, I would go there for a bit. After a bit of manouvering my body, like a cat going under a gate, and hitting my leg of various parts of the bus, I managed to fit into the shelf. It had a lot of pillows and cushoins so that would do for a bit.

It wasn’t as good as I thought though, every time I moved, I noticed that the surface was very warm so I think I must have been directly above the engine or fuel tank.

12 hours after boarding, we were in Nha Trang, exhausted but we had a good idea of where we had to go. Just along the sea front road and find our hotel.

When we arrived, we were surprised to find that the hotel didn’t have our booking – we had booked online. After connecting to their wifi, we discovered that the booking was for the wrong date.

We had, rather stupidly, booked in two days prior to our arrival. Thankfully, the woman who ran the hotel told us that was ok and that we could stay the 2 nights without having to pay anything extra.

Nha Trang has a nice beach as well as the mud spas that I mentioned at the start.

Audrey fancied going to the mud spa and I didn’t think it sounded like too bad an idea either. So, we booked to go along to the Thab Ba mud spas.

When you arrived, you’re sent to go for a shower. I thought that was a bit cheeky as I’d just been for one that morning and surely I couldn’t smell that bad after such a short period of time. It turned out that everyone was told go and shower. It was to wash off suncream and other powders and potions that we had applied to ourselves before arriving there.

After the showers, they fill up a big thing that’s like a hot tub with mud and allow you to go in for a while.

The aim is to fully cover yourself with mud and then stand around in the sun to let it dry in. After that, it’s back to the showers from before. This time, I can understand why they insist on you showering.

After removing the mud, you are sent to another hot tub. This one is filled with hot water – they say it’s natural mineral water or something similar. Maybe it was a heated up bottle of volvic, I never asked. However, it was very nice and it was relaxing. There was enough space to stretch out and there wasn’t much sound apart from birds in the trees above.

You spend time in there and then you are left to do your own thing for the rest of the day.

The area is very nice, it has a few pools, one cool and one warm water. It has a few jacuzzi pools too, sunloungers and some waterfalls which has hot water flowing from them.

Even if it’s not very manly of me to admit it, it was a really good day and one that I’d be opened to be doing again.

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