Mekong river

The Mekong delta, the Amazon river and the river Clyde. They are well known rivers in their own part of the world.

The Mekong and the Amazon might be a bit more famous than the Clyde but never mind.

As our time was quite limited, we only had a few days left on our visa, we booked another tour in Ho Chi Minh city and this was to go and see part of the mighty Mekong river.

We were picked up early to go and see the river, on the way there, we stopped at a massive Buddhist worship place. I never caught the name of it but there were several massive Buddha statues, one seated and another of Buddha lying on his ribs.


The lying Buddha was probably even bigger than the reclining Buddha that we saw in Thailand.

So that place was good for a few photographs and of course, it was good for a bottle of juice when we got off the bus.

After some more driving, we got to the port where our boat awaited us. The tour, for a one day tour, included a fair bit.

Stop one was to a place known as coconut island. They make things from coconut there, one of which is little chewy sweets but they don’t use sugar in. We were quickly shown the process of how the sweets were made and then we could buy some coconut ice cream from a guy who was outside the shop.

We also got to try snake wine, there’s a massive (dead) snake in a jar and it’s full of some sort of potent spirit. It was quite nice but perhaps too strong for one guy. For the next 30 minutes or so, he wandering around the place repeating the phrases “snake juice” “red wine” “snake wine” and “yeah” in no particular order.

After the snake wine, we went on a short horse and cart journey to see some more of the island and a very nice little island it was.

From there, it was back on to the boat, a short journey to another island where we had lunch. The snake juice guy still wanted some snake juice at this point but I think his partner may have used a tranqualiser on him or kicked him quite hard because he, thankfully, shut up shortly after we sat down for lunch.

We had a blether with a few folk, one guy with a beard, a German woman and Australian woman and had a walk around the island then it was back on to the boat.

From there, it was stop number 3. To the island that they have a bee farm. We were either taken to a part away from the bees or they were too busy to bother about us as we left the island free of stings.

There, you could buy stuff called “honey wine” and after trying it, we did buy it. There were a few nervous minutes as we worried that the “snake juice” guy might find his voice again but he didn’t.

For some reason, the people on the island had a massive python so we were able to get a picture holding this creature. Audrey politely declined but I quite like snakes so I got my second picture of this trip.

I’m not sure exactly what type of snake it was but it was easily about 12 feet long and was probably the fattest / thickest snake that I’d saw before, it must have been well fed. Perhaps it eats tourists who don’t buy their wine ?

The last stop wasn’t on an island but it was a metal platform near an island and we were taken a 2km boat journey through some mangroves. This was the real Mekong delta and to add authenticity, we were told not to leave our hands outside the boats as there were still some crocodiles in the area.

mekong delta

In Nha Trang, I ate crocodile for dinner so if there were any, I’d be number one target as the crocs might have wanted to get revenge on me.

After we got off the boat, we took a short walk and some people sang to us and gave us fruit. The singing wasn’t really to my taste, it was a bit cringeworthy but the fruit was nice.

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