New year at Otres beach

An unusual thing for us is to plan something in advance, at least it is for me. Audrey is better at planning than I am.

However, we knew that we fancied spending the new year at Otres beach and we expected the area to be busy so got a Tuk tuk from Victory hill down to Otres so that we could find accommodation that we could stay in for the new year.

At the time of going to Otres, there were a lot of options and we chose the Otres lodge – we’d have been better with the orange lodge.

What a shambles this place was. The day before we planned to go there, we said that we wanted to stay for 6 nights and were told that this was ok. The next day, we arrived to discover that there were no rooms available but the next day, we would be fine.

By the time we found this out, other accommodations had booked out and had no availability. To cut a long story short, we ended up having to move between the Otres lodge and Pat Pat guesthouse (which was great) and another place which was expensive and the room was tiny.

Regardless of this, we spent a lot of time on the beach and the Otres area has two beaches. I don’t think the meeting that decided the names of the beach lasted very long – Otres 1 and Otres 2 are the two beaches.


Otres 1 is a lot busier and otres 2 is much quieter.

On one of the first days on Otres beach, we were told about a market that wasn’t really a market but it was called a market. The otres market was an event happening which had an outdoor stage and some singers and a fire juggler along with some food and drink stalls so we went along to that.

Given that we are now quite old, we were just greatful to be asked about anything that sounded remotely cool. We got a tuk tuk there and it turned out to be an enjoyable night out.

The singers quality varied but there was a mix. At one point, a guy with a recorder was weaving his way through the crowd (he was playing the recorder at the time). I often wondered why they used to teach kids how to play the recorder at school but finally, we found someone who found it useful.

As the night went on, some Cambodian guys appeared which was strange. Otres doesn’t really have a lot of local people, it’s mainly all expats and the market didn’t have anyone apart from expats and tourists.

When I went away to find the bar, I realised what the local guys were up to. They were tuk tuk drivers and were asking anyone who passed by if they needed a tuk tuk back to their accommodation.

This was something that I found particularly funny as I could never imagine a taxi driver coming into the pub back home to see if people are ready to go home.

We eventually caved in and took up the offer of one of the drivers and headed back to our accommodation.

The next day, we walked along to Otres 2 which is a quieter and, we thought, a nicer beach.

Like a lot of beach places, there isn’t much happening apart from sun loungers, boat trips, cafes and bars so it was nice to be able to spend a bit of time to chill out.

I still had my plaster on so couldn’t go in the water but it was still a lovely place to chill out and read or listen to some music.

For new years eve, we found an open air rave. It wasn’t a real rave but it was good fun. The bar was two trucks and there was a barman who was dressed as a pirate.

Over the course of the night, the music got better and better or we got more and more drunk. We’re not really sure what happened but the drinks flowed and the music played.

While we saw in the new year, it was only about 5pm back home but we danced our way around the dj booth which had jungle behind it and a cleared out area in front of it.

After a while, we found our tuk tuk driver and then found a beach party which had another bar so a few more drinks later and at about 5 or 6am, we staggered our way back to the accommodation and were hopeful that a nasty hangover wouldn’t be waiting for us the next day.

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