Battambang tourist sites

Like a lot of places, the main sites are a wee bit out of town so you need an organised tour or a tuk tuk driver to take you to them.

Luckily for us, the tuk tuk drivers make a lot of business from taking tourists round various sites for the day.

The first day in Battambang, after our long bus journey, we didn’t really do very much. Just went to the local market and had some soup for breakfast then got a few hours sleep after being awake all of the previous night.

On the second day, we went for a walk around the town and found the reamins of an abandoned railway station which I thought was quite cool. There were a few shells of old train carriages around and some tracks still on the ground along with one or two other buildings.


As the trains had stopped a long time ago, some local families had set up home round about the area so it was like a small village in amongst the tracks and old carriages.

After that, we found a temple which was part abandoned and part of it was still in working order. The temple had a tiger statue outside the front of it. Unfortunately, part of the face of the tiger had been damaged so it resembled ‘Kenny the white tiger’. A search on google images will show you who that is if you’re unsure.

Later on in the day, we found a friendly tuk tuk driver and arranged for him to pick us up the following morning. He had a few interesting ideas on how to spend a day in the city.

There was the bamboo train that we had read about and we quite fancied giving this a go. There was also the killing caves, the crocodile farm and the bat cave that are well known tourist sites in the area.

The driver also mentioned a place where they have fighting fish – he would take us to see them. I’ve heard of chickens fighting and I’ve heard of dogs being bred to fight but fish ? It is true, we witnessed it and we are know reasonably knowledgeable on the subject.

Maybe not enough to be able to go on mastermind but I doubt very many people back home will be aware of fish that are bred to fight against each other.

As well as the killing caves, there was a temple that was at the top of a large flight of stairs and another temple that required a long walk up a steep hill to get to see it.

Our next stop after Battambang was Siem Reap. There were two options to get there – boat or bus. We had spoken to a few people who said that the boat was quite a nice way to travel as you pass through some countryside and you also pass a lot of floating villages.

The down side to the boat was the price and the time – both the price and the time were about 3 – 4 times that of the bus.

When you look online, times vary from 4 – 12 hours for the boat journey. This is mainly dependent on the water levels of the river. In turn, this changes depending on how far into the wet or dry seasons you are travelling.

Our journey took us 10 hours.

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