Broken by Kep

Some people describe certain cities as having broken them because they drank too much & hardly slept and ended feeling pretty rough for a few days.

Ibiza could be described as such a place – you have so much to do. There are masses of big clubs to go to which are open all night.

There’s beaches and plenty of sun to be out in. In short, there just isn’t enough time to sleep for long in these places.

Kep isn’t like that at all. Kep is a small fishing town in Cambodia. It doesn’t really have a town centre, there are two main areas.

One is where the buses go to and the other is the crab market.


At each of these places, there are no more than maybe 10 restaurants – they double up as bars too. There is certainly no sign of any clubs and from abt 8 or 9pm onwards, the place is very empty.

I suppose it’s the complete opposite of Ibiza. After a few days in Phnom Penh, it was perfect for us as we really fancied a few days of not doing much.

About a 30 minute boat ride from Kep, you have Koh Thonsáy (rabbit island) which has a small beach and some bungalows with hmmocks outside of them.

There is some electricity on the island but it often cuts off and you can stay in the bungalows for about $7 or $8 per night. We had decided on 3 nights in Kep then 1 or 2 on Koh Thonsáy and then we’d move on to Kampot (where you get Kampot pepper).

Instead, we never made it to rabbit island. I fell off a bike and broke my wrist. So despite the severe lack of partying, we were really enjoying Kep, until the place broke me that is.

As soon as I fell, I thought that I was ok because I was able to move my fingers. It turns out that you can still do this with a broken wrist.

There was a fair bit of swelling and a x ray confirmed that it was broken. Our planned few days in Kep turned into a longer stay and at the time of writing, we are in the process of extending our 1 month visa to cover two months in Cambodia.

Next up is Laos and a lot of advice seems to tell us that the medical care isn’t too great there so we’re better in Cambodia until I know that my wrist has healed.

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