Kep & Arun Ras

At the last time of writing, I was talking (or typing) about how Kep broke me. The plaster, after 5 weeks is now off but the wrist isn’t 100% yet.

I’ve got a support to wear but there is daily improvement which is good. I suppose I should expect it to be painful and stiff as it hadn’t moved for 5 weeks.

Anyways, Kep instead of my medical history.

I mentioned before that there really isn’t a great deal to Kep – it’s mainly a small fishing village but it’s got a nice chilled out feel to it. Or it could just be that we liked it because we are now old and loud pubs aren’t really our cup of tea.

The crab market opens from about 4 or 5am so I think that explains why people are not about at night. If I’d been up since about 2 am, there’s not much chance of me still being on the go at 10pm when I’m up early the next day again.

The market, as the name might suggest, is mainly a crab and fish market but we did find a woman who was selling various unhealthy snacks – ones that tasted great and made a great breakfast. There were waffles, pancakes and other fried things that tasted like waffles and pancakes.

On the day that we discovered them, we got a bit carried away and ended up ordering more than we could possibly eat. It didn’t matter though, a local dog was on hand to help us out.

Back home, I vaguely remember stray dogs. The dogs that would just wander around on their own and usually hang about on waste grounds. Most people didn’t really bother with them and just left them to do their own thing.

Now that we don’t have them, I think ‘neds’ have replaced them but in Kep, there are still some stray dogs. The more intelligent of these animals have worked out that if they sit near you and look up with their big sad eyes, they will probably get something to eat.


The one that helped us out with breakfast had gone one step further as it learned that a gentle tap to the leg with it’s paw would be enough to guarantee a meal.

If you were ever unsure on whether or not feeding the dog was a good idea, the wee tap on the leg would make the decision for you.

Before we finished eating but when there was nothing left, the dog proved that it’s eyesight was ok. It had a look up at the table at our empty food bags and got up and left.

I can’t help but think that the animal just used us and it didn’t actually want to befriend two tourists.

Other than that, the market closed at different times but if you caught it at lunch time, a few steps away from the fish vendors, there were guys with barbeques who were cooking and selling some of the fish.

Later at night, from about 6pm onwards, most of the market had closed but there were a few other restaurants nearby – most were similarly priced and most had a similar menu but they were all good and for the full time that we were in Kep, we ate seafood just about every night.

As well as the market, we were lucky with the accomodation, we found a place that was still having the finishing touches put to it – the Arun Ras on pepper street.

It’s owned by a Cambodian couple who live there with their 3 pet humans (children as others prefer to call them).

When we were there, they were in the process of building a swimming pool but the rooms were of very high standard, very comfortable beds, huge bathroom and a good shower.

As the restaurant hadn’t been built, you could order your breakfast and that was brought to your balcony each morning. As the hotel is in a quiet area, it’s dark at night so you can see the stars very clearly at night and you can hear lots of insects in the surrounding trees.

The owners were really friendly and when I broke my wrist, they done everything they could to help out – they arranged a tuk tuk to take us to a hospital in Kampot and they even offered to come with us.

On top of that, they bought cleaning solution from a local pharmacy to help clean the cuts and scrapes that I had from when I fell. They were regularly asking for updates on my injury and told us that we could have the room for as long as we wanted to have it.

They could have easily taken a booking from someone else and moved us on but didn’t. After a week or so, it was time to move on to Kampot so we did that and left having felt quite lucky that I had a nice place to spend a few days recovering from my injury.

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