Phnom Penh (again)

Our first visit to Phnom Penh was when we arrived there from Ho Chi Minh city. Later in the trip, we ended up back at Phnom Penh. The second visit was only a short stop over.

This was when the bus from Sihanoukville to Battambang stopped at Phnom Penh.

The third visit was really just a weight loss excercise. Since the middle of December, I had been carrying a bit of extra weight around with me that I felt I really should get rid of.

A lot of people, after the new year, say that they aim to loose weight. I was the same and the weight in question was my cast that I had on for close to 5 weeks because of my broken wrist.

The time had come to get rid of said cast. We checked into our guesthouse to find a couple of coufused guys on the reception desk. I think the owners must have been out for the night.

The scene reminded me of how you’d expect things to be if a parent left a teenager and his friends in charge of a pub. They were a blearly eyed and seemed to find pretty much everything funny. My guess is that they had been on the happy pizzas.

Regardless of that, we got checked in to quite a nice big room. They didn’t have the double room that we initially asked for and the price we initially were quoted was wrong so we were going to be given a twin room. For reasons unknown, that ended up being a lower price than what we initially booked.

So, we went from an incorrect and too low price quoted to an even lower price – we greatfully accepted this error and went to our room.

The tuk tuk driver that took us to the accommodation was trying to over charge too. He quoted $5 to get to the guesthouse. When I told him we had been in Phnom Penh a few weeks before, the price dropped to $2.5.

The next day, we had to find our way to the hospital. The cast came off and as expected, there was some stiffness and pain around my wrist. It had been stuck in the same position for 5 weeks so I was expecting that.

With a wrist support and about $60 less in our funds, we left the hospital and had a lazy day going around Phnom Penh.

The first time, we had been to the Royal palace, the genocide museum and the killing fields so we were happy enough not to do very much on our third visit to Cambodia’s capital.

We still had some time in Cambodia and a fair bit of places to visit and see so we booked our bus on to Kampong Cham which was the first stop on our journey towards the border with Laos.

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