Samon’s village & fireflies

Kampot isn’t all that far from Kep, it’s approx 30 km so by bus that was only about an hour – it sounds long but that takes into account the roads in Cambodia.

A lot of them are not in great condition. Also, the bus stops to pick up and drop off a lot of local people on the way.

We arrived in Kampot and booked in Samon’s village, we never knew that Samon had a village and we’re still not sure if he does or even who Samon is for that matter.

It was just the name of accommoation. It was on the riverside, if wifi was working at the time of writing, I’d happily tell you the name of the river but it isn’t so I can’t.

It’s whatever river runs through Kampot though.

Anyway, the accommodation looked promising to begin with. From the main road, you walk through some sandy grounds which has little wooden bungalows dotted along the path.

Nearest to the road, there were some bungalows with washing hanging up outside and as you get closer to the river, there is a bar and restaurant area which is also where the reception is.

After check in, we climbed the stairs to our bungalow – it was small and very basic. We weren’t overly concerned by this because we knew that was what we should expect based on reviews and from the website.

It was a fair bit away from the centre of Kampot and with my broken wrist, it allowed us to spend a few relaxing days by the river and it’s round about this point that I think I discovered my favourite invention.


Some people refer to things being the best things since sliced bread which would imply that sliced bread is the best thing invented. I disagree, the hammock beats sliced bread hands down. I know you can’t make toast and cheese with a hammock but I don’t care, the hammock still wins.

From Samon’s village, we went on an amazing boat trip on one of the nights of our stay – we went to see the firefly’s.

It was almost a non starter, well the boat was almost a non starter anyway. For about 10 minutes, the small wooden kayak drifted around the river while the guy driving it fought with the engine.

He pulled at the chord, it spluttered then done nothing. After a bit, he opened up part of the engine and put it back together. This seemed to do the trick as the engine started and we moved off.

It all reminded of the joke that Hen Broon told – “”Did you hear about the wooden car with the wooden engine ?”” “”It wooden go”” Well this wooden boat wooden go for a while either.

There were only the two of us plus the driver of the boat and he directed the boat up the middle of the river for a bit and then manouvered it towards the side and you could see what looked like a christmas tree.

There was nothing near us for quite a distance by now and it obviously wasn’t a christmas tree. It was a tree full of fireflies.

These ones were white in colour and with their continued moving around it looked like sparkling white lights on the tree.

It was completely dark, there were no other boats or people around so there was no sound. The engine had been turned off so the only sounds were the water splashing lightly against the wooden boat.

Now and again, you could hear the branches of a tree creaking in the wind but there wasn’t a strong wind so for most of the time, we sat in the boat and watched lights fly around a tree.

I suppose my description probably doesn’t sound all that great but seeing these bizarre creatures is something that I’d recommend to anyone if you ever get the chance to do it.

I read some info afterwards and the flies light to attract smaller insects so that they can eat them. Different ones are also different colours so they’re pretty interesting things.

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