Siem Reap

When you arrive in Siam Reap, the temples was not the first thing that we saw. As we had arrived by boat, we saw a lot of boats going in the opposite direction. They were taking tourists out for a sunset cruise.


As we approached the harbour, we noticed a large number of tuk tuks in the distance which was quite useful as we would definetely be needing one of those – the boat arrives about 5 or 6km outside of the city centre.

The drivers were standing by the river waiting for the boat to come in and as they saw the boat approaching, they started running towards their tuk tuks and you could hear the engines revving and horns beeping as they made their way towards where our boat was going to dock.

Usually, you give the crowds a few minutes to clear but not this time. Instead, the drivers ran on to the boat to see where people were going to. Another example of the guys working hard to get a fare.

Two other people that were travelling with us shared the tuk tuk so it ended up being a bigger fare for the driver (they usually quote a per person price) but a lower fare for each individual.

We made our way to our accommodation which was fairly close to the centre and it even included breakfast with the price of the room.

This was a bit of a luxuary thing for us – were getting used to this budget travelling ! ! !

The first task was to get dinner but our accommodation had reasonably priced food so we took the lazy option and stayed there for something to eat.

The next task was to find a tuk tuk driver to take us round the temples. The main one is Angkor Wat but there are several other ones, some of which are 70km apart.

You can go on organised tour or you can hire bikes to get there but we felt a tuk tuk would be the best option.

We showed a driver the temples that we wanted to visit and that we wanted to see them over the course of 3 days and agreed a price. It really is that simple, the driver came to pick us up the following morning.

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