Victory hill

Due to the name of this place, I can only assume that there must have been a victory of some sort on it and that it was a hill.

The second part, I can confirm as being correct but I don’t know about the victory part.

Before going to victory hill, we’d read about it being an area that backpackers used to go to and that not very muh happened there any more. The whole area of Sihanokville is pretty big with various different parts to it.

The current main backpackers area is at Serendipity beach which we didn’t fancy. Perhaps we were too old for all the boozing and partying that would be happening there every day.

Perhaps we didn’t fancy saying that we were going to Serendipity beach at Sihanoukville while drunk – try saying it sober, it’s not easy.

victory hill

We were, again, lucky with our accommodation as we’d booked into a place called ‘Backpakers heaven’. It was a newly decorated building with good sized rooms. They had a comfortable bed, air con and they even had a fridge and a swimming pool. Due to me having my cast on, a pool was a bit useless to me but we were able to sit beside the pool and read and I was able to sit with my feet in the water while having no worries about getting the cast on my arm wet.

At night, we went to walk around the area and there were a fair amount of pubs but the majority of them had older western guys and a lot of young Cambodian woman who clearly weren’t out for a drink or a night out.

These guys were paying for their company which was quite obvious. To listen to them for any more than a few minutes and to look at them for even less, it was safe to say that they wouldn’t attract the attention of very many people.

Apart from that, there were some nice views down towards the water and there were some good places to eat in the area.

We had booked to spend xmas in the backpacker heaven hotel and the Norwegian guy who ran the place gave us some Riskrem which is a tasty rice pudding like dish that they eat on Xmas eve.

Back home, we usually go out for a meal on xmas eve and have a cocktail or two but this year, we had already booked a boat trip to take us to some of the islands off the coast so it was a quiet night for us instead.

We got up bright and early for our boat trip and were taken to have “breakfast” which was just a baguette with butter or jam. It was a nice baguette but not what we expected for breakfast. I was hoping for a full fry up, it was xmas day after all.

So, with a 25% full stomach, shorts, t shirt, flip flops, sunglasses and sun cream, we went on our xmas day boat trip.

The trip was pretty good, at the first island, there was a chance to go snorkelling. Well, not for me there wasn’t due to my broken wrist but I got to sit and listen to music on my ipod instead.

Later, we went for lunch, saw some more islands and saw some more nice scenery.

Then we went back to Victory hill and a slightly more unusual xmas dinner of fried rice with chicken.

After that, it was time to skype back home and of course, consume a few drams while watching home alone that we’d downloaded on the hotels wifi.

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