Our trip to China lasted for almost two months and we started in Beijing.

We roughly moved our way south and here’s a link to the various blogs that I have posted for China so far.

When I was publishing these, I noticed that I haven’t yet wrote about going to see the giant pandas in Chengdu or the Hanyangling museum in Xi’an but I will get them done at some point.

Expect spelling, typing errors etc as I’ve only quickly scanned over this – if they upset you, feel free to point them out.

Hope you enjoy the blogs.


The forbidden city

The great wall

Beasties on sticks


Yungang grottes & white thing

Hanging monastery


Pingyao museums

Wang courtyard & Zhangbi village


Terracotta army

Wenshu monastery

Aidao nunnery

Sichuan museum

A trip to the barbers

A night at the opera

Walking tour in Chengdu

Two 9 hour bus journeys

Jiuzhaigou national park

Almost homeless


BBQ at Wada hostel

Dragons back bone – rice terraces

Here to arrest you

On yer bike

The grand old Duke of York

Lazy Backpackers


2 thoughts on “China

  1. Brian

    Some light holiday reading for me 🙂


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